How to Replace Wool Grease in Garments

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Woolen garments and accessories, that have had the natural grease (lanolin) retained, are perfect for cold climates. They are very close to being totally water proof creating a garment or accessory that will keep you dry. Definitely great for your snow adventures - hiking and skiing. Woolen beanies, mittens and jumpers will keep you snug and warm. But what happens when the natural grease is reduced after washing?   The Read More

Why I Use Hand Spun Yarns

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hand spun yarns are an absolute joy to work with in so many ways.  I end up with a unique, never to be repeated yarn, which has been spun to highlight the natural beauty of the stitch textures creating a timeless piece of handmade.  With a little bit of knowledge you too can source some unique, natural, high quality yarns and prepare to create your own piece of luxury. Unique Read More