How to Replace Wool Grease in Garments

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Woolen garments and accessories, that have had the natural grease (lanolin) retained, are perfect for cold climates.

They are very close to being totally water proof creating a garment or accessory that will keep you dry.

Definitely great for your snow adventures - hiking and skiing.

Woolen beanies, mittens and jumpers will keep you snug and warm.

But what happens when the natural grease is reduced after washing?


The good news is that it can be replaced, thanks to an old remedy.

How to Replace Wool Grease.

If you are not able to purchase Wool Wax Alcohol it can be replaced with Lanolin Anhydrous available at N Essentials.

1. Half fill your laundry tub with hot water.
2. Add a small teaspoon of wool wax alcohol and mix well.
3. Leave until the water is lukewarm. IMPORTANT - do not add cold water to speed the cooling.
4. Place the washed and wet garment in the tub and gently squeeze the mixture through the garment until it takes up the grease.
5. Squeeze out as much water as possible; a gentle spin cycle or roll the garment in a towel.
6. Dry laying flat.

Handle wet wool carefully to preserve its elasticity.
Avoid Tension: Do not dunk the garment up and down in the water.
Do not agitate.
Do not subject the garment to sudden temperature changes.

Thanks to the 'Hamilton Wool & Craft Guild Publication' - Wool Gathering - 1975.

This is the link to purchase a natural hand spun grease beanie.