Success at the 2021 Australian Sheep & Wool Show

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

"I have fallen in love with Estonian Lace knitting, delving into the history and large number of pattern motifs used."

Special Prize: Gordon Ford Memorial Award for the Best Entry Using Superfine Merino Wool.
Donated by the Ford Family (Morrialane Merino Stud)

Class 33: Lace Knitting / Knitted Lace Article - First Prize

The motif used for this shawl is “Butterfly”.

Once the motifs, for the body of the shawl and the lace edging, have been  decided, a sample square is knitted to work out rows and stitches required for the full sized shawl.

The Shawl is: 49gm finished weight; 66 x 117cm

Yarn is: 16.2 micron super fine, natural coloured, merino from Muddy Waters Farm, Forbes NSW

It was scoured in Geelong – Victoria

Made into top by Cashmere Connections – Bacchus Marsh - Victoria

Spun in China (no fine spinning facilities in Australia) worsted – 2/60